Rumley Periodontics

Rumley Perodontic Clinic was a fun and unique space to work on. The client and designers had unique and sophisticated ideas to make this clinic space truly one of a kind.

The clinic is situated in the historic Rumley building on 24th Street in downtown Saskatoon. The building was converted to condos on the upper floors with office and retail space on the lower floors. The client wanted to highlight the building’s character while incorporating modern accents in a classic 1920s Art Deco design.

A blend of accent paints and wallpaper, along with unique electrical and plumbing fixtures adds to the Art Deco design. The space consists of custom cabinets with gold accents, rich vibrant colour blocking, natural wood grain textures, and modern glass elements.

One of our favourite features is the main wood feature wall behind the custom reception desk, truly one of a kind.